About Me

I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Day at Work

Yesterday was my first day at my furraiser's work.  It was exciting yet boring.  I don't understand this whole going to work to sit in front of a computer and talk on the phone.  The ride there was fun and I got to see all kinds of people on the train.  My furraiser got a good seat so that I had plenty of room to lay.

I actually made it the whole day there.  My furraiser said I was such a good girl.  She did take me for walks to stretch my legs and to busy between her telephone calls.  However, there were sooooo many new smells and things to see that I didn't want to go busy.  I can't believe I went all day without going.  Not for lack of walks but because I was just too distracted.  (Boy did I go when I got home though).

I got to see and experience alot of new things too.  Like I've never walked on a street grate before.  It felt kinda funny under my feet and it really smelled but it really was nothing to be scared of.  I also got to experience riding an elevator for the first time.  You know those little boxes that people get in and push buttons to go up and down.  It was kinda like the train ride only it went up and down.  OH and the big thing, the security portals.  My furraisers scans this funny looking card and these doors automatically open.  Not like the ones at stores where you step on them, but she had to use this card thing.  I almost walked right into it because it was supposed to open automatically for me....don't these doors know who I am after all?????

Everyone was so nice there.  Even the security people stopped to say hello to me and give me good praises for being such a wonderful girl.  Of course I am, why would anyone expect anything different....bol.

Well today I'm at home.  My furraiser said once this week going downtown was enough for my age.  She doesn't want to push me but I can't wait to go again.

Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Charlotte Lightrail Train

Yesterday, my furraiser and I went on a ride to uptown Charlotte on the lightrail train.  She works uptown apparently takes this to work.  I think she is getting ready to start taking me in with her.   It was a really boring experience for me.  It was just like riding in a car only the doors kept openning every time we stopped.  Once I realized we weren't getting off anytime soon, I just decided to take a nap.  I laid down between her feet and used her soft comfy foot as my pillow.  She said I did so wonderful but I don't see why she got so excited.  Like I said, it was like riding in the car.  I didn't get to ride on the seats and look out the window so what else was I supposed to do???  Sometimes she can be so silly....bol.

Besides that, I learned a new trick yesterday.  My furraiser and Emily weren't to keen on it though,  I've learned that I can get up on my furraiser's bed finally.  I've gotten tall enough and strong enough that I can now jump up there to chase Emily.  I just don't understand why Emily and my furraiser don't like me to chase Emily.  My furraiser wasn't too happy with me either for getting her bed all muddy.  I was very proud of myself though regardless of what they said but I don't know if I'll be doing it again anytime soon.  Emily was NOT happy that I was in her territory.  I don't think my furraiser liked it either.  Oh well, at least now I know I can do it.

Wags and Wiggles,