About Me

I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hedy Visits Again

My sister, Hedy, got to sleep over last night.  We stayed up till about 3am talking to each other.  It's only been a week since I saw her last but we had so much to catch up on.  This morning while my furraiser had her meetings, we caught up on some of our sleep...well I did anyways.

 I have had so much fun with her here.  We have been playing up a storm when my furraiser takes us outside (and inside too).  I think she takes us out just so we have more room to play and that we will be quiet when she does have a meeting.  I wish she would stay longer but I know she has to go back this afternoon.  I'm sure I'll see her again soon but I know that I'm gonna miss her greatly.

Wags and Wiggles,

Waffles' Shower

"By Beth"
On Wednesday morning, I was getting ready to take my kids to the dentist.  I had the shower running to get hot.  I opened the door to check the temperature and Waffles had to stick her head inside to investigate.  I figured she would get her head wet and back out of the stall very quickly.  To my surprise, when her head got wet, she jumped in.  She started to bite at the water as it was coming down and doing circles under the water.  It must have felt very good to her cause she stayed in until I was clean.  I think she liked the shower better than the bath or maybe she just is getting used to being wet.....either way, liking to be wet makes bath time alot easier for me.  Now I know next time when she gets a bath to let her play in the water first then try to wash her.

WOW....What a Week

First off, I hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving day.  I've had a very busy week so this post will be long.  Sorry but I got to keep you updated on everything that has happened.


What can I say?  We had so much fun together the past week.  We played tug-o-war, chase and wrestled.  Boy is he ever so fast.  My short little legs just couldn't keep up with him so I'd hide in special places and when he ran by me, I'd pounce on him.  It would surprise him every time....LOL.  And when we slept he would always have his arm or leg around me.  He went back to his furraiser on Saturday.  I don't think he really wanted to go and I certainly didn't want him to go.  I miss him.


On Tuesday, I had my first vet visit.  I'm not sure what a vet is but the office had a cage full of kitties that I just so badly wanted to play with.  My furraiser wouldn't let me go over there though.  Sometimes she can be a stick in the mud.  I just wanted to say hi and see if they wanted to play....boo.   Anyways, when they called my name I went into the room with the lady with the long white coat.  She was really nice to me.  She took a really small comb and rubbed my back with it.  It felt really good especially under my collar where it itches so bad.  Good news is that I don't have fleas...YIPPEE.  Bad news is that I have very dry skin.  My furraiser is going to have to put conditioner on me next time she gives me a bath.  My furraiser and the vet talked a little more while the other lady took me in the back room.  She put me on this metal thing that told her how much I weigh.  I've gained 7 pounds since I've been at my furraiser's house.  That's not bad though cause the vet says I have a really good figure....of course I do, I'm a gorgeous little girl.  At the end they gave me a treat and I felt this very quick prick on my shoulder.  I was not turning my treat away for it though and it didn't last very long either so must not have been too important.  After that, we went home and I slept all night.

Well, that's all for me.

Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Buddy Charlie

I have had sooo much fun with Charlie being here.  We play tug-o-war and wrestle all the time.  He has become a good buddy to me.  It has only been 2 days but I think he is awesome like a big brother should be.  He even lets me crash next to him once we are all tuckered out from playing so much.  Although I think Charlie just lets me lay next to him while I sleep and he peeks.  I don't care because I think it's cool that he lets me do it and keeps me warm too.  I'll share my pillow with him anytime he wants to come over and stay.

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sorry Charlie.....

Ok so, my furraiser did bring me another friend.  Yesterday, she brought me Charlie S.  He is a 6 month old yellow lab, just like me only a different color and older and bigger and a boy.  Ok so maybe not JUST like me.

He loves to play just like me.  However, he is a bit rough sometime because he doesn't realize that I'm smaller.  I've found out though all I have to do is yell a little and Max comes to my rescue and steps in between us.  I guess he is starting to like me but I bet he won't admit it to anyone.

I like my new friend Charlie S. but I don't get it when my furraiser laughs when she says "sorry Charlie".  I guess I'm just too young for that joke.  I watched Charlie as he went into his crate last night when it was time for bed.  He just went right in and made himself comfortable.  I figured, I can do that so I showed my furraiser that I knew what "crate in" means and went in all by myself.

My furraiser keeps telling me that she wishes he would teach me how to busy outside.  I don't understand what she means.  I go outside all the time and I'm busy playing all the time.  I just don't get what she wants me to do........

Anyways, time to play some more.  Bark at you soon.

Wags and Wiggles,

My Sister Hedy

It's been a while since I posted but I've been so busy.  Last Friday, the 19th, my sister Hedy came to visit me for a playdate.  I was so happy to see her that I jumped on her with a big 'ol hug the minute she walked in the door.  It was on from there.  We played all afternoon with only a break to eat and busy.  My furraiser said we had to have a couple of timeouts though cause we both were getting to rough with each other.  Max didn't seem to mind the break though.  He just laid in the sun basking in the enjoyment of not having to play with me....LOL. 

I really didn't want to see her leave but I knew she had to go back to her own home.  I was really tired and sleep so good all night long.  My furraiser even told me that Hedy didn't move when she went to get her out of the car.  I guess she was just as tired.  I miss her so.  I was very sad the next couple days but my furraiser told me that I was going to get another friend to play with later.

I miss my all my sisters and hope that they all at some point can share some time at my place. 

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blessing of the Guide Dogs

Today I got to go to church where there were other guide dogs and blind people and even seeing people.  It was fun and I wanted to play with all of them.  My raiser kept telling me "No noise" in my ear but I just wanted to talk to them.  I even tried to sing along with them.

They had a special ceremony for all the guide dogs, even those of us in training.  My sisters, Hedy and Judy, were there with me and we all were blessed for the jobs that we will one day perform.  We got a special red heart to wear to remind us that we are truly blessed to be able to help others.

I was given a very special gift while I was there.  A little girl named Arianna, colored a picture of a dog that looked just like me.  The little girl and parents didn't see it but it made my raiser's eyes tear up cause it touch her heart.  Thank you for such a special gift.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My First Bath

I had my first bath today.  At first I was a little scared cause I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  Then my raiser put me in this giant water bowl.  The water was a little warmer then my usual drinking bowl, then she poured water all over my body.  I wanted to shake it all off but she wouldn't let me.  OOOO but she then squirted some goo on me and began to scratch me everywhere.  I just wanted to sit and scratch with her.  It felt soooo good to have her rubbing me like that.  I didn't want her to stop.  I guess she was done cause after she rubbed me down good she poured more water over me.  Boy was the water dirty.  (I've been kinda rolling around outside when I play...hahahaha)

I was a little chilly after having all the water poured on me but my raiser got me out and wrapped me in a towel.  She took another towel and washed my face and ears.  I also got my teeth brushed.  Wonder why I'm getting all freshened up???  Do I have a date and I don't know it????

Anyways, after she rubbed me again to dry all the water off, I felt soooo good.  I ran around the house like I was a new kid and had nothing better to do.  It just felt so good to have all that dirt off of me.  She even said I smelled good now.

Best of all, I no longer itch under my collar.

Monday, November 8, 2010


"By Beth"

While in the back yard today with the dogs, Waffles just wanted play instead of busy.  It was so cute (and I can't figure out how to get a video to upload).  Max just wanted to lay in the sun and take it in.  Waffles would jump up on him and Max would hold his paw on her to keep her from jumping round.  Kind of like a mom does a baby when holding their hands to get them to settle down.  It was so cute that they have finally accepted each other and are now friends.

Here's a picture of them sharing the small piece of carpet in my office while I work.

My First Outting

Yesterday my raiser took me to this really big store.  They had all kinds of things from doggie food (and treats) to clothes and even Christmas stuff.  The trees looked yummy but my raiser wouldn't let me chew on them.

There were isles after isles of row of food.  It all smelled sooo good and I wanted to sniff and taste it all but my raiser made me sit and stay.  There were lots and lots of people too.  Some of the isles were really scary with all the metal things and lots of people pushing them.  My raiser could tell I was scared and didn't force me to go down those isles until I was ready or we skipped it and went back when there weren't so many metal things in there.

The floors were fun though.  Not like in my raisers house.  Although I'm still learning to walk and slide on the hard wood floors and tiling this was totally different.  Much shiner and even more slick.  It was also much cooler too.

I even got to see a guy in a wheelchair that had a big doggie like me.  The big doggie had a leaf on his nose and didn't even seem to notice. Boy I bet that took restraint.  I would have wanted to play with it.  I wonder if some day I will get to help people like that.

Before we got out of the store though, I was very tired.  My raiser ended up picking me up and carrying me.  My raiser told me how proud she was of me.  She said that I had excellent manners and did very well in the store.  I hope I get to go back again.

Wags and Wiggles

P.S.  My raiser is having difficulty responding to comments.  We didn't actually get to stop and talk to the gentleman to find out where his fur friend was from but she did want to show me.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The AWWW Factor

"By Beth"

Last night after a long day for Waffles, her and Max have finally worked out the pack order and are now playing together.  I'm glad to see that Max hasn't lost his ability to play (he is 8 years old)  and that he has finally accepted Waffles in the family.  Now maybe they can chase each other in the fenced in back yard and both of them get some play/exercise other than the walks on the leash and training.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


My raiser took me to a really cool place today.  She got to go to and talk to a blind person with a guide dog and I got to see my sisters.  My raiser kept holding me though and I could see my sisters but they were all in a sit/stay and wouldn't let me play.  But once they were done with their meeting, I did get to go say hello to the blind person and play some with my sisters.  I hope that she can make some play dates with them.  I do miss them.  All that playing made me tired and I think I will take a nap....*yawn*

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

FUR Balls ---ICK

"By Emily"

I'm not sure my pet understands that this is MY house and she didn't even check with me before bringing that little "fur ball" into my home.  All it does is stick it's cold wet nose on me and jumps up and down to get to me.  I've growled and hissed and even taken a couple of swings at this mangy black fur ball but it just thinks I want to play with it.  Doesn't it know that CATS  are to be loved on and cuddled and not slobbered on?  ICK.

I'm very disappointed in my pet and I've let her know it.  I refuse to let her hold me anynmore but I just can't refuse to be rubbed (I still want to be fed).  And when it's late at night and I'm cold, I still like to curl up next to her (she puts off so much heat).  OOOO the things I must put up with.  Maybe as this little fur ball gets bigger it will learn to leave me alone and that I am ruler in this house....hmpt, hiss and meow

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I had to stay home while my raiser went into town.  She says that when I get house broken more that I can go with her.  Wonder what "house broken" means?  Does she expect me to break down her house?  I don't want to do that.  I just got here.  Although there are lots of fun things to chew on here.

I did better in the crate last night but I still would have rather slept in bed with them.  They won't let me do that for some reason.  I guess I'm not allowed on the furniture.  But when I got really tired last night I found these soft black things to stick my head down in as a pillow and sleep.  They were really cushiony but they smelled a little funny cause I seen my raiser have them on her feet.  I really didn't care because they were soooooo soft and I was sooooo tired.  I think she took a picture of me so I'll see if she will post it when she gets home. 

Wags and kisses

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm at my new raiser house and arrived last night.  It was so exciting to meet and smell all the different and new things.  I got to play with all the pets in the house and even a big furry person like me (they call him Max).  I want so bad to play with him but I'm not so sure he wants to play with me.  He lets me chase his tail and sniff at him but he isn't too sure about me jumping on him yet.

After I said all my hellos they put me up for the night.  I missed all my brothers and sisters.  Even though I had a blanket with all their smells, I still missed them.  I cried all night for them.  These new raisers, however, did not like that and kept telling me "No noise".  Wonder what that meant???  I guess I will have to learn that one and get used to all these new things.

I'm currently working on sit and come.  I think I got the come command already.  My raisers keep telling me to "busy" when I'm outside with them.  Can't they see that I'm already "busy" chasing the leaves and smelling all the new smells????  Oh well.

I've already had such a full morning playing so I think I'll take a nap.  My raiser's pet took some pictures of me and a video and I'm sure she will post them as soon as she can.


Monday, November 1, 2010

How I got my name

The AC will be bringing me to my new raiser tonight.  I heard her say something about 9 pm so maybe that is when I get to meet her.  It's gonna be a long trip but at least I get to take it with my other siblings.  I understand they will be going to raisers in the same group so I'll still be able to see everyone and possibly have play dates.

Well, how did I get my name?  And I'm sure my raiser will get alot of questions about this one.  Apparently, a 5th grade class pooled all their money together to donate to Southeastern Guide Dogs and got to pick a name.  What does most 10 year olds want????  Ice cream in a "waffle" cone.  So I was named Waffles.  At least it wasn't Sprinkles.....lol.

I'm not sure how many pictures my new raiser will be able to get of my homecoming but I'll make sure she posts some of me so everyone can see how truly beautiful I am.

Today is the day

"By Beth"

Today is the day that Waffles arrives.  We are so excited.  I finally got everything ready for the new puppy.  I've gotten everything picked  up so that the puppy won't chew anything, bowls have been bought and the crate has been cleaned out.  Now we just need a puppy to put in it.

I practiced brushing Max's teeth this weekend so that I could get used to that as well as the puppy.  OOOOO Max actually loved it.  I guess the beef flavored toothpaste doesn't hurt but he wanted more of it.  He liked it so much that he even let me brush his teeth.  I also bought him a standing bowls so he can now stand when he eats.  It was getting to the point that his arthritis wouldn't allow him to bend down to eat so he was laying when he ate.  Not good for his digestion so now he can eat like a real dog.  Plus I think this will help keep Waffles out of his food, but I doubt it.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Halloween and didn't eat too much candy.