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I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Charlotte Lightrail Train

Yesterday, my furraiser and I went on a ride to uptown Charlotte on the lightrail train.  She works uptown apparently takes this to work.  I think she is getting ready to start taking me in with her.   It was a really boring experience for me.  It was just like riding in a car only the doors kept openning every time we stopped.  Once I realized we weren't getting off anytime soon, I just decided to take a nap.  I laid down between her feet and used her soft comfy foot as my pillow.  She said I did so wonderful but I don't see why she got so excited.  Like I said, it was like riding in the car.  I didn't get to ride on the seats and look out the window so what else was I supposed to do???  Sometimes she can be so silly....bol.

Besides that, I learned a new trick yesterday.  My furraiser and Emily weren't to keen on it though,  I've learned that I can get up on my furraiser's bed finally.  I've gotten tall enough and strong enough that I can now jump up there to chase Emily.  I just don't understand why Emily and my furraiser don't like me to chase Emily.  My furraiser wasn't too happy with me either for getting her bed all muddy.  I was very proud of myself though regardless of what they said but I don't know if I'll be doing it again anytime soon.  Emily was NOT happy that I was in her territory.  I don't think my furraiser liked it either.  Oh well, at least now I know I can do it.

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Hope you had fun at work. We don't understand either the problem with a muddy bed
    Snorts amd snuggles
    Benny & Lily