About Me

I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What a ride!!!

Well I finally made it to my new home and boy was the ride long.   I've even had my first outting in my coat.  The coat is huge on me.  My new furraiser says that it swollows me and that I'm really tiny for 10 weeks old.  I think I'm perfect just the way I am.

My first night was fun.  I got to meet Max.  He is huge and a big meanie.  All he does is growl at me.  I just want to play and get to know him.  My furraiser keeps telling him to be nice and sometimes he will let me smell him but he definitely lets me know where my boundaries are.

I understand that there are these 2 other fur creatures in the house called cats.  I've only seen 1 of them and he is bigger than me....bol.  But who wants to play and be with cats.  yuck!!!!

My furraiser is going to go buy me some toys today so that I have something to chew on and keep me busy.  I think she needs to buy me some treats too....bol

Anyways, I'll keep you posted on my progress in my new home so until then...

Fur Friends Forever,


  1. Ahhhhhh!

    Woo are just too khute fur my paws to khapture!

    PeeEssWoo: Watch out fur those KHAT khritters - they are evil!