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I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fran loses a molar

By Beth

As usual, Fran had picked something up and was chewing on it.  I thought it was just a piece of paper as she loves to play in the toliet paper.

I told her to drop it but she wouldn't so I opened her mouth to get it out and to my surprise I find the below:

My baby has lost a molar.  I've found teeth before but never a molar.  This one is going in the scrap book.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Holiday Party

Early in January all the puppies and furraisers got together for our annual holiday party.  It's to celebrate Christmas and New Years.  All the pups were there and then some.  I had fun playing with all my siblings and all the others too.

We did a little obiedience training outside and it was really warm.  I didn't want to pay attention though.  How can they expect me to want to pay attention when all my friends are there???  My furraiser had to put me in the middle of the circle so that I could be successful at my commands.  I already know all this stuff, I just wanted to play.

After that the furraisers got to go inside and they all ate.  We even got a special doggie cake just for all of us.  It was so good, I ate mine in almost one bite...BOL.  They then did gifts for all the puppies.  I got "Happiest" puppy.  Of course!!!!  We all had photo ops then.  Below is a photo of all the pups currently in our group:

From left to right: Kelly (furraiser Kayla), Baity (furraiser Gabriela), Brandon (furraiser Allie), Patti (my sister, furraiser Nancy), Penny (my sister, furraiser Ray), Emilee (my sister, furraiser Liz), Me (furraiser Beth), LaDelia (furraiser Pam), Clarice (furraiser Sandy), Rosie (furraiser Kaleigh), Oakley (furraiser Amy, her brother is in this picture)

UPDATE: Waffles November Report

Waffles continues to do well in her training. 

The schools comments were:

Waffles is a sweet, energetic girl.  She has a great work pattern in indoor environments; however, she seems to be easily distracted and lacks confidence in outdoor environments.  We are working on building up her confidence and work ethic, as well as working on her harness discomfort.  She enjoys playing with her roommates in the play yard and seems to have springs in her feet.  She is a happy girl!

I always knew that she was a very "aware" girl.  She loved to see everything and wanted to know what was going on around her and be a part of it.  However, based on the scoring, she is still doing well.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sleigh Ride

On Friday, December 22nd, my furraiser took me to church for their Christmas service.  They had all kinds of things going on like carolers, s'more making, kettle corn, donkeys, camels, goats and even a live nativity scene.

They also had sleigh rides.  I got to take my first sleigh ride pulled by 2 huge horses.  I was a bit scared of the big animals cause I was just so tiny next to them.  My furraiser lifted me up on the sleigh and she got on and rode with me.  It was alot like riding in a car, only very slow.

After that, we went and met the donkeys.  They kinda smelled but I liked the food they were feeding them.  My furraiser kept telling me "No, leave it" but it just tasted so good.  I would sneak it when she wasn't looking.  After that, she fed me and I busied before going into church for the service.  It was such a good sermon according to my furraiser.  Personally I wouldn't know cause all that other stuff made me so sleepy that I kinda slept through it all.

I know I'm late in posting this so I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas.  And I hope that everyone is safe and has a great New Year as well.

Fur Friends Furever,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Me and my furraiser did some Christmas shopping this weekend.  Boy, I didn't know it could be so exhausting.  My furraiser didn't even take me to all the places that she went.  She said something about not wanting to overwhelm me with the big malls and crowds....wonder what a mall is?

Anyways, we only went to a couple of stores but we walked around furever.  I did get to stop and be petted by the employees and some of the little kids in the store.  That was fun but by the time we got done, I was tuckered out.  I think I must have slept all night and then some the next day.  Even my feet were tired.

After we went Saturday, she took me out again on Sunday to do a little more shopping.  I don't know if I like this shopping thing.  It makes me very tired and very thirsty.

All in all, she said that I did good.  No accidents in the stores....yippee!!!!

I hope we are done now though and I hope everyone else has completed their shopping too.

Fur Friends Furever,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UPDATE: Waffles First Report

By Beth

This just in.....Waffles first report card for Phase 1 Training.  She is still being considered for breeding but the comments on her sheets were:
"Waffles has done very well in training so far.  She enjoys working and responds well.  She is confident in all kinds of environments and likes getting admired by people passing by.  I am looking forward to having more time with her!"
I am so proud of her. And why wouldn't she be admired when people pass by, she is an exquisite dog.

Miss you much,

Vet Visit

I had my first vet visit here with my furraiser.  There were so many new friends in the waiting area and I got so excited I tinkled all over the floor as I met each one of them.

I waited for a very long time it seemed and I had to sit for what seemed like furever but my furraiser didn't seem to think it was too long.  When they finally took me back, they weighed me first.  I am a big girl at 15.0 pounds.  After that they took me to this room and put up on the shiny, slippery table.  I stayed close to my furraiser cause I didn't know what these strange people in white coats were going to do to me.

They were all really nice and like me so much and made a big fuss but I wasn't too sure I wanted them to be around me.  And for good cause too, because they stuck me with some pin!!!  Not just once either, but twice.  They tried to trick me with a treat but I knew what they were up to....after they stuck me anyways.

The vet says that I'm a healthy girl and very smart.  She thinks I'll be a good guide dog some day.  I do too.

Fur Friends Forever,