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I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preparing for the puppy

" By Beth"

OK so I've been raising animals all my life and I've been puppy sitting for Southeastern Guide Dogs for about 3 years off and on.   However, I will begin a new chapter by raising my own puppy, Waffles.  I should be receiving her the first week in November and boy do I have a bunch to do to get ready.

I've already bought her a leash and waste bags but I've still got alot to do.  My old crate needs to be washed out so that she will get a nice clean environment.  Food bowls also need to be cleaned.  I want to make her a soft palatte so that when we are out and about she doesn't need to sleep/stay on a cold hard floor (that is unless she prefers it).

I am so excited to begin this journey and know that someday, someone's life may be changed by it.

Please watch for posts of Waffles journey along with thoughts and comments from the resident brod, Max and Emily, featured currently on my blog.

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  1. Such a cute name, I can't wait to meet her!
    Good luck :)

    Rudy's Raiser