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I am a yellow female lab that was donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. I hope to one day become a seeing eye dog to give freedom to someone who cannot see.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Puppy Hugging

Tomorrow I get to go puppy hugging.  I guess that's were everyone gets to hug me.  I like hugs and can't wait.  My furraiser has gotten me all ready with a bath, clean ears and brushed teeth.  She even trimmed my nails.  I'm so pretty, or at least I think so.  She even bought me a new holiday collar and hat.  I don't think they will let me wear the hat at the puppy hugging but I bet they let me wear my collar.  It has bells on it.  She also bought red bows to put on everyone else's collars when we go.  Don't know if they will use them but I think it's festive for the season.

Well bark at you later,

Wags and Wiggles,

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